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Algonquin Park Weather

Algonquin Park Weather Conditions

It’s always a good time to visit Algonquin Park!    Decide when the best time of year for you is based on our detailed summary of the fantastic four seasons at the northwest corner of Algonquin.

Current Weather Conditions at Algonquin Access Point #1


Spring ~ Algonquin Park Trout Fishing & Moose Viewing

Tina McAuley - Moose Photo 4.jpgWith the spring season comes ice out, when you can dip your paddle into the lake for the first time after a long winter.   Fishing enthusiast love visiting late April and early May when some of the best Brook Trout and Lake Trout fishing in Ontario is offered in Algonquin Park.    Voyageur Quest’s Trout fish canoe trip is the quintessential Algonquin experience.   One spring downfall is the blackfly and mosquito population you’re likely to encounter through the end of May and early June.   Come prepared, and they won’t both you too much.   One of our favourite times of year happens throughout June and into early June when you can view moose, moose and more moose.   Voyageur Quest offers an amazing moose safari canoe trip to help you get even closer to moose at the northwest corner of Algonquin.

Voyageur Quest Canoe Trip - Fishing Morning Bull - BRUNO camping SONY DSC


Summer ~ Algonquin Park Canoeing, Fishing, Swimming, Hiking, Wolf howling & more!

3day-canoe-tripWe are often asked the best time to see wildlife and outside of prime time in June, early July can’t be beat.    There continue to be wonderful opportunities to see wildlife, including moose.   It is also a wonderful time for fishing.    The appearance of moose does decrease as the summer progresses, so if wildlife viewing is at the top of your list, early summer is best.  Summer is the busiest time in Algonquin Park, so we do recommend making your reservations early.  The northwest corner of Algonquin at Access Point #1 is not as busy as the highway 60 corridor, but backcountry spots do book up quickly.     Summer also brings warm water for swimming, pleasant evening breezes, Algonquin wolf howling, and no limits to the kilometres of lakes and rivers to portage and explore.

Algonquin Portage Backcountry Camping candl-3


Autumn ~ Experience the Gorgeous Fall Colours of Algonquin Park

IMG_4473The fall colours of Algonquin are world renowned and don’t disappoint.   Paddling against a backdrop of bright reds, yellows and oranges feels like something out of a Group of Seven Painting.    It is hard to determine the exact peak of the fall colour season, it is typically the second or third week of September around Access Point #1.     Click here to check out Ontario Tourism’s Fall Colour Report.  The nights can be chilly, so packing for the weather is key.   Fall is also a popular time for an autumn escape to the Algonquin Log Cabin or Algonquin Cottage Outpost to canoe through misty mornings, hike through spectacular maple forests, and enjoy cozy cabin hospitality.

Fall Colours - Outpost List  right2- Sept News Fall Colours - Outpost 3


Winter ~ Algonquin Park Backcountry Skiing, Snowshoeing & Dog Sledding

Winter Snowshoe at Algonquin Park

We love winter and the peace and quiet of the wonderland that is Algonquin Park.   There is no permit camping inside the park, but we do offer winter adventure at the Algonquin Log Cabin and Algonquin Cottage Outpost, located just outside the Park, with a menu of activity including snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling and ice fishing.    If you haven’t been to Algonquin in the winter, it is a definite must-do!    Spend the Christmas holidays with us on a Traditional Log Cabin Christmas Experience or get the family together for a March Break Getaway.

Voaygeur dog sled ee ONT_SNOWSHOE_Goh Iromoto-65 island ski