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Rental Rates

You can find prices for canoes, tents, packs below. All items can be booked and reserved online. Any questions? Please call or email our Toronto office at (416) 486-3605 or email at info@voyageurquest.com

Reserve Your Rentals

Build your trip by reserving a canoe or kayak with all the extra gear you need. Or choose from one of our full outfitting rates. 



            Item                                                                                                    Price per day

                       Canoes include 2 paddles & Safety Kit

16′ Fiberglass (60-63 lbs)


16′ R-Lite (62 lbs)


16′ Std. Kevlar (55 lbs)


16′ Lite. Wt. Kevlar (50 lbs)


16′  Ultra Lt Wt Kevlar (42 lbs)


17′ R-Lite


17′ St. Kevlar (56-59 lbs)


17′ Ultra Lt. Wt. Kevlar (43 lbs)


18.5′ Ultra Lt. Wt. Kevlar (3 seat) (43 lbs)


Kayaks have rudders, bow and stern hatches



Extras/Add-ons and Essentials



Extra Paddle


Canoe Packsack


Small Dry Sac


Waterproof 115 L Pack


Kayak Paddle


 Foam Blocks


Barrel Packs 60 L


Barrel Packs 40L


Pot Set +cutlery


Axe or Saw


Rain Poncho


Stove (gas extra)


Tent – 2/3 person


Tent – 4/5 person


Sleeping Bag + Liner


Sleeping Pad


Therma-rest mattress