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What to Bring

galleryWhat to Bring – Algonquin Park Complete Outfitting or Guided Trips

When you book an all inclusive outfitting package or a fully guide canoe trip we provide all the canoeing and camping equipment and food for the duration of your trip.   Below you will find a list of “must haves” for your trip into Algonquin Park.

Sleeping Bag
Bring a three season (-8°C) rating sleeping bag.  Rentals are available
Rain Gear
A jacket with hood and separate pants work best.  A poncho will also suffice.
The trip requires a solid running shoe with rubber soles. Trail shoes or approach shoes (low cut with stiff shank) are ideal for this. A second pair of sandals/shoes is necessary for evening. Count on the trail shoes getting very wet and muddy during the day while your second pair stays dry for nights.  Running shoes or trail shoes are great for hiking.     
Warm Clothes
While the weather is usually warm and dry at this time of year – Northern Ontario can have late spring/summer/fall temperatures drop to around 3°C at night.  The winds are also quite cool.  For this reason remember to bring a wind proof shell/jacket, warm sweater (wool or fleece), warm wool socks, long pants, and long sleeved shirt.  Synthetic long underwear like polypropylene, a hat/ toque and gloves are also a good idea for spring and fall trips.
Sun Protection
Dehydration and sunburn can wreak havoc on your energy so bring along a water bottle, sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and shorts.
Bug Spray
While spring (May 20 to July 10) is bug season, bogs and portages can be buggy in August!  Bring along insect repellent. Anything with DEET level over 25% will be effective. Muskol is very effective.
Flashlight, Bathing suit (for a swim), towel, T-shirt(s), bandanna, camera with extra film and batteries, daypack (to hold rain gear, water bottle during hikes and canoeing).


What to Bring – Algonquin Park Partial Outfitting

If you prefer not to select an all inclusive outfitting package, we want to make sure you are fully prepared for your time in Algonquin Park.    So, below is a list of recommended items for your packing list.



–          1 x Lightweight canoe for every 2 people

–          1 x Personal Floatation Device (PFD) per person
–          1 x paddle per person
–          1 x bucket for bailing or 1 x bilge pump
–          1 x 15+m of floating throw rope
–          1 x painter rope
–          Signaling device such as a whistle
–          1 x canoe route map (in a waterproof case)
–          1 x wilderness first aid kit
–          compass and/or GPS
–          1 x tarp (great for extra rain/sun protection)
–          Canoe packs (1 per person)
–          Barrel packs (1 per person)
–          Dry packs (1 per person)
–          Ground Sheet
–          50-100ft of rope for hanging tarp
–          Rain gear (jacket & pants)
–          Full fly tent
–          Sleeping pad
–          Sleeping bag
–          Small dry bags or stuff sacks
–          Saw
–          Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries
–          camp stove (suggest single burner)
–          fuel for camp stove in leak-proof container
–          matches in waterproof container and/or lighter
–          pots & pans set
–          1 x bowl/plate/cup/utensils
–          1 x 1L water bottle per person
–          water treatment kit (purifier or filter)
–          kitchen set (cooking utensils, knife, spices)
–          bio-degradable soap
–          anti-bacterial wet wipes and hand sanitizer
–          toilet paper in zip lock bag
–          bug jacket and bug repellent (especially in the Spring and early Summer)

Remember for all trips we practice “leave no trace” camping where everything you take into the park with you at the beginning of the trip comes back out at the end of your trip. Keep this in mind when packing food, clothing and other gear.If you have questions about our all inclusive vs. partial outfitting packages, please telephone our office at 416-486-3605.   Our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you determine what to bring and what to leave at home.