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Northland Algonquin Bus & VQ shuttle every day Algonquin Park Access Pt. #1

Northland Algonquin Bus and VQ shuttle service EVERYDAY 

Wanting to get up to Algonquin Park Access Pt #1  and you don’t have a car? … not to worry… EVERYDAY…there is a bus that heads from Toronto DEPARTURE TIME 9:15am  (downtown Bay Street bus station) or DEPARTURE TIME 9:45 am (Yorkdale) north to Algonquin Park Access Point#1. Voyageur Outfitting  will pick you up in South River (PICK UP TIME 2:15 pm) and shuttle you to Algonquin Park’s Access Point #1. Call our office at 416-486-3605 and we will will arrange your bus ticket and shuttle. This is a great option for all you adventure enthusiasts dying to get up there and get going! See below for adventure options:  “do it yourself trips” to fully guided ones and a range of Algonquin “where to stay” accommodations to suit your adventure profile.

Transportation Costs (vary depending on adventure option chosen)
From $150 per person: which includes return bus ticket to South River, pick up shuttle to Algonquin Park Access #1 and one night Bunkhouse cabin accommodation.
For an additional cost: Options for dinner $35 dinner and $18 breakfast at the Outfitter at Access Point #1.

Adventure Options
You have several adventure options to select from on the “To do” and “Where to stay” list: